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Instagram was launched in October 2010 as a free mobile app service. The service rapidly gained popularity, with over 300 million active users as of April 2014. Instagram is another famous social media platform where you can share photos, events and activities. It is a photo-sharing and social networking service which enables the users to take pictures and apply filters to them and share it with others. While using Instagram, there are times when you find some issues which causes hindrance in its functioning. Whenever you come across such situation, you must contact Instagram support team. The executives present there will analyze the cause of the problem and then resolve it completely within short interval of time. They have years of experience in handling the issues so whenever you have any trouble make sure that you convey the problem in detail to the experts.

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How our team helps?

  • If you are unable to access the Instagram account, then one major possibility is that you are not entering valid username and password in it. Whenever you find that you are prevented from login, then you can contact social tech help team for finding the actual cause behind the problem.
  • All the problems related to Instagram are caused mainly due to two reasons. One is that it is down as there is problem with the internet connection and other is that there is some problem in the app itself which crashes it down and stop you from accessing it. Whatever may be the reason Instagram support team solves all such causes completely.
  • You must report the team exactly the problem that you are facing then only our team members will be able to understand the actual reason behind it. Only when the actual reason is found they can find out the proper resolution for it. Instagram support team provide the best possible solution for all the problems.
  • When you find anything suspicious in your account like you suddenly find some of your photos are uploaded then that is a simple indication that somebody else is accessing the account by acquiring your account details. In that situation without much delay you must contact Instagram support team where the executives will help you to find out the solution for all the issues.

How to fix the Instagram problems?

  • In order to fix the problem, you have to restart that device that you are using for accessing the Instagram. You must wait for at least 15 seconds before turning it on.
  • Sometimes, the problem could be tough to resolve. In that situation you can uninstall it and again reinstall it on the same device. With the guidance of our team you can complete the re-installation process of the Instagram app.
  • You must ensure that you know the correct username and password of the account. If you have forgotten the password, then you have to undergo the recovery process. If you have difficulty in interpreting the steps, then you can take help of Instagram support team for recovering it back.
  • The most vital step of fixing any issue that arises in Instagram account is checking the internet connection that is used for accessing it. If there is some connection problem, then you have to fix the connection. If connection is intact, then also you are unable to access the Instagram account, or you are problem in loading the photos then you must take help of Instagram support team. They will find out the cause of the problem. Only when the cause is known the problem could be resolved.

If there is problem, while posting photos or while commenting then you should try to sign in using another Instagram account or you can even log out and login again in the same account. Usually, such problem arises due to connection if you have proper connection then there are chances that your account has been hacked. In that situation you must contact Instagram support team who will help you to recover the account from hacked state.


We at Social Help Tech have a group of certified technicians who can troubleshoot any problem related to your Instagram account. So, whenever you are in situation when you can’t access the account, or you find any suspicious in your account then you should first try to find the cause. Irrespective of the cause of the problem you must contact Instagram support team for analyzing the problem it detail. Only after proper analysis they will be able to render proper solution for the problems.

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