Facebook has grown to become among biggest social network and an internet giant. Facebook now holds a significant amount of our personal data. Our Facebook account has our images, videos, important notes, groups, our very trusted friend circle, business pages fan pages, etc. Leaking out of these critical data can hurt your reputation, and if someone hacks into your Facebook account, then a lot of harm can be done to you.

These are among the two major problems that you may face it might be the most probable reason why need to get in need to direct contact with the Facebook team and get their assistance. There can be many other scenarios because sometimes you might need to contact Facebook authorities like, if someone was spamming your Facebook profile, your profile gets deactivated, if you want particular report an infraction, change the category of your fan page and stuff like request permanent deletion of your account, etc.

Below mentioned are the few methods contact Facebook that you can try to get in touch with this IT giant, to contact form, email addresses, phone number and postal address by which you can reach Facebook to get a faster reply and receive a much effective assistance.

Contact directly to the Facebook Headquarters

It’s not available; Only investors get this facility. But you can talk to our experts if you are facing any big problem at 1-800-259-1237 If you’re residing outside of the United States, make sure to add international calling number for U.S.

How to call Facebook?

Team Facebook is not available on direct call; they will not serve you direct assistance. You’re required to follow prompts that will guide you to the particular department like Marketing Department, Security, Analytics Department, etc. On reaching the concerned department leave your message there. As you know, that Facebook is an internet based social network firm, so it resolved your issues mostly through emails or contact forms.

Contact Facebook Customer support by Email

Facebook as they have emails assigned to various department’s customer care service. If you’ve incorrect contact staff on Facebook, you might get an automatically generated email notifying you that the department was wrong (within few minutes) or chances are there you’ll not get a reply at all.
These are few support emails you may try, but no assurance can be given for any response:-


And, some personal emails to contact Facebook are:

helpdesk@fb.com – Reach Out To Help Desk

platformcs@support.facebook.com – Contact Facebook for financial issues

press@fb.com – Contact Facebook Press Service / Facebook PR

datarequests@fb.com – Request Access To Your Personal Data on Facebook

abuse@facebook.com – Best way to contact

Contact Facebook Customer support by sending a postal mail
You can also communicate with the Facebook team by sending them a postal mail; this option is also a good choice. But, as you know Facebook is an internet-based company so better to avoid these traditional ways and contact via Facebook contact forms and provided emails. However, if you want to send them a postal mail to the Facebook headquarters, here are their postal addresses

*Facebook Main Headquarter:
Facebook, Inc
1601 S. California Ave
Palo Alto, CA 94304

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