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Usually, while using Facebook for long time there is possibility that you have forgotten the password. If you are logged out of the account and you have forgotten the password, then that is really troublesome as in that case you have to go for recovery of the password otherwise you can’t access the account. You can opt to get the verification code for recovery in the email address or in phone number linked to the account in form of SMS. If you need any help in the process the just dial Facebook contact number and the executives present, will guide you instantly through the process of recovery.

Facebook Contact Number

Certain Situations on Facebook, where you don’t know what to do –

Unable to login to your Facebook account.

Your Facebook Account has been hacked.

Your Facebook Messages are not delivering to the certain contacts.

Unable to sign in your Facebook account due to security issues.

Facebook Games are not loading properly.

Videos are not playing properly in your Facebook account.

Facing problems in opening images, photos from your computer.

facing problem while setting the cover page images, and profile images.

Facebook Contact

How to recover the password when already logged in?

If you are logged in the Facebook but you are in confusion about the password of the account, then there is no need to log out and check the password. If you do that then there is possibility that you are not able to login. So, it is better to follow the below mentioned steps. These steps are useful only when you are logged in but have forgotten the password. You can call in Facebook help number in case you have difficulty in following the steps mentioned here. There is another set of steps if you have forgotten the password and you are not logged into Facebook that means you have logged out.  These are those steps to reset the password:

  • Firstly, you have to go to the ‘find your account page’ link and suppose you can’t find any such link then it is obvious that you can’t proceed in that case you have to call in Facebook contact number for availing help.
  • Once you find the link you have to click on it. After that you find a space where you have to type the email, phone number, full name and username of that account and click on ‘search’.
  • After that you will receive a set of steps that you have to follow. If all the steps are followed properly, then you will be able to recover the password easily. In case you have any doubt throughout the process then you can vail help of experts by dialing Facebook support number.

If you have difficulty in interpreting the on-screen steps of password reset, then our team guides you. They will ensure that you are able to complete the process of resetting password successfully. Only when you are able to complete the process you can get back your password for accessing the account again. If password is not the culprit of the login problem, as you are unable to login even after resetting then you have to call in Facebook contact number and take help of the experts for understanding the actual cause and resolve the login problem as soon as possible.

How to receive the confirmation code?

  • In order to receive the confirmation code for resetting the password you have to ensure that you have entered the correct mobile number and suppose you have entered wrong number then you should update the number and send SMS again. If any help is needed, then you can contact social tech help.
  • You can also opt to receive a call back along with the code. For availing this facility, you have to click on ‘Did you not get the SMS? call [mobile number]. Within 5 minutes you will receive a call back. If you didn’t receive a call, then you can dial Facebook contact number for help.
  • If you again fail in receiving the code, then you can try sending it on some other alternate number. Suppose you fail again and again then there are chances that you are facing Facebook hacked account which could be recovered only by expert help.
  • In the process of trying so many times, if you find that you have exceeded the number of try then you have to wait before trying again because if you exceed the limit then your account is blocked then again you have to take help of technical support team by dialing Facebook contact number for recovering it back.

Whatever the cause of the problem may be our team is always beside you to help you with proper suggestions you have to just dial Facebook contact number for getting in touch with them.

If any of the issues mentioned above has brought your Facebook in trouble, you can call our Facebook Contact Number to get the desired assistance for your problems. Our expert technician are available 24×7 where Users will be given advice and answers of all the technical and non-technical queries related to their Facebook Account. The Facebook Contact Number or Facebook Contact Phone Number that we have provided on our website is toll-free where users can get the solution of their problems at anytime with any issue they encounter with their Facebook account.

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